Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama

Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama,usually known as Vasco da Gama or simply Vasco, (after the famous Portuguese explorer of the same name) is a famous and traditional Brazilian multisports club from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, founded on August 21, 1898 (although the football department started on November 5, 1915). It was founded by Portuguese immigrants, and it is still the team traditionally supported by the Portuguese community of Rio de Janeiro and one of the most popular in Brazil, with more than 16,5 million supporters.

Its statute defines the club as a "sportive, recreative, educational, assistant and philanthropic non-profit organization of public utility".

Their home stadium is the São Januário, capacity almost 18,000, the biggest in Rio de Janeiro after Maracanã and Engenhão , but some matches (especially the city derbies) are played at the Maracanã (capacity 95,000). They play in white shirts with a black diagonal sash that contains an Order of Christ cross, white shorts and white socks.

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